DAY ONE - TUESDAY 24th July 2018


SMART Solutions, SMART Tomorrow

Conference Chairman: Chris LeTourneur, President & Chief Executive Officer, MXD Development Strategists

Minister of Economic Development & Trade and Deputy Government House Leader*
Joint Welcome Speech from the Mayor of Edmonton, Mayor of Leduc County, and Mayor of Leduc
Tom Ruth, President & CEO, Edmonton International Airport
Myron Keehn, Vice President, Commercial, Edmonton International Airport


“The Thinkery” will bring together expert industry leaders for a dynamic, insightful debate.

Our panel members will explore and discuss the positive impact that aviation has on economic development, job creation, global trade and competiveness.

Panel considerations
- Airport/airlines/ Cargo based economic development
- A New Boost for Jobs, Growth and Investment
- Airport region employment  (direct/indirect/induced/tourism/ancillary)
- Catalysts for international trade & business
- Attracting Multinational Corporations

Moderator: Chris LeTourneur, President & Chief Executive Officer, MXD Development Strategists
Tom Ruth, President &Chief Executive Officer, Edmonton International Airport
Roosevelt Council, Airport General Manager, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Howard Eng, President &Chief Executive Officer, Greater Toronto Airports Authority
Lance Lyttle, Managing Director of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Candace S. McGraw, Chief Executive Officer, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
Bryant L. Francis, Director of Aviation, Port of Oakland- Oakland International Airport

11.00 - 11.30 NETWORKING BREAK

Moderator: Eric Petersen, Principal, Alliiance
Craig Richmond, President & Chief Executive Officer, Vancouver Airport Authority
Christina Cassotis, Chief Executive Officer, Pittsburgh Airport
Brian D Ryks, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer, Metropolitan Airports Commission
Brent Cagle, Aviation Director, Charlotte Douglas International. Airport
Shannon James, Chairman, Atlanta Aerotropolis Alliance & Vice President, Commercial Banking RM - ‎BB&T


- Investing in Airports: balancing capital and objectives
- Establishing investment frameworks, project vehicle options and delivery models
- Public-Private Partnerships for Airport Area Porjects
- Governance structures and regional cooperation
- Compliance and regulatory frameworks
- Shared goals and navigating multi jurisdictional interests
- Market forces and global drivers of economic development

Moderator: Chris LeTourneur, President & Chief Executive Officer, MXD Development Strategists
Todd Greene, Vice President, Federal Reserve
Elisabeth Le Masson, Member of the Board, Hiubstart Paris, Aéroports de Paris
Stuart Hair, Economic Affairs Manager, ‎Charlotte Douglas International Airport


What are the economic advantages of introducing smarter technology into airports and wider urban areas?

As Airports and SMART cities grow, the way we build and manage urban and transportation infrastructure has never been more critical to global economic and social development. How will we live next, how will we travel next and what is the landscape for future generational expectations? How are Next Airports and Cities incubators for innovation?

Session Guidelines and Considerations:
Planning resilience for Smart Airports, Cities & Regions as population densities increase
Is Data the new Oil?
IOT and SMART City Initiatives-: platforms for innovation
Post Carbon Economies
Transforming Transportation- Safe and Eco-Friendly Intermodal Transportation
Citizen Engagement and Serving the Community
Embracing Future Trends, Creative Destruction and Disruptive/ innovations/ Technologies.
The importance of public private partnership and innovative funding models

Moderator: Myron Keehn, Vice President, Commercial, Edmonton International Airport
Soumya Ghosh, Director, Smart Cities Edmonton
Ken Britzel, Chief Executive Officer, Autonomous Systems for Transportation Consortium (ACAMP)
Cameron Schuler, Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute
Wessel van der Po, Engineer, 2getthere (Smart Driving Deployment

Conference Day wrap up and observations.

Chris LeTourneur, President & Chief Executive Officer, MXD Development Strategists


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