Why is Edmonton different?

There are theories. Maybe it’s our northern home, where for years we learned to make our own fun. Maybe it’s a legacy of entrepreneurs dreaming up oddities: the continent’s first, biggest, and wildest Fringe theatre festival, a shopping mall that at one time had more submarines than the Canadian navy.

There are strange ideas in every city but Edmontonians are unusually keen to try, and help build, something new. And we want you to be a part of it. Pack sunglasses, shorts and a T-shirt, snow pants, and your best dress. Some of the most iconic and adventurous restaurants in Canada launched here, and new ones are opening every month. Come taste Edmonton on a plate. If you dream up a winter nighttime walk through the river valley, with flying canoes and twinkle lighting and ice slides and people dressed up as magpies, there’s really only one city for you.

Edmonton Tourism is the trusted expert and resource for marketing Edmonton’s original visitor experiences. We don’t just tell people there’s a lot to see and do here, we give you a ‘peek’ at honest and authentic experiences through visual and written stories that leave an impression.

Poke around ExploreEdmonton.com and see if you can find something that gets your travel bug stirring. Leave comments on our blog, chat with us on our social channels, and if you do decide to come visit use #ExploreEdmonton on Instagram and Twitter to share your experiences.

We look forward to seeing you around.

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