Alton, Bruce

Partner, A-Partners

Amlani, Rosy

Chief Financial Officer & Vice President, Autonomous Systems for Transportation Consortium (ACAMP)

Anasis, Ted

Manager, Airport Planning, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

Andolino, Rosemary

Chief Executive Officer & President, MAG Airports

Bednard, Traci

Vice President, Digital & Corporate Communications, Edmonton International Airport

Bello, Carmine

Vice President, Avia NG Airport Consultants

Bianconi, Peter

Partner, Modalis Infrastructure Partners Inc

Boivin, Dan

Chairman of the Board, Metropolitan Airports Commission

Brizel, Ken

Chief Executive Officer, Autonomous Systems for Transportation Consortium (ACAMP)

Bruce, Malcolm

Chief Executive Officer, Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board

Burke, Phil

Director of MSP Operations, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

Campbell, Zenola

Vice President, Concessions, Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport

Cicoria, Jordan

VP of Operations, Aerium Analytics

Cope, Richard

Chief Executive Officer, NanoLumens

Cramer, Mark

Executive Director, Greater Gaston Development Corporation

de Leeuw, Peter

Head of Landside and Real Estate Development, Vienna International Airpor

Doblanko, Tanni

Mayor of Leduc County

Donnelly, Carmen

Director, Passenger Demand, Marketing & Concessions

Dr Psycharis, Nektarios

Tadeeam Ler IT&T Business Analysis, Athens International Airport

Duebner, Mark

Director of Aviation, Dallas Love Field, Dallas Airport System

Ellis, Karen

Chief Customer Experience Officer, San Antonio International Airport

Eng, Howard

President & Chief Executive Officer, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Ernst, Todd

Director Aviation Infrastructure, Energy & Environment, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Fevzi, Sevda

Manager, ASQ, Airports Council International

Galal, Hana

Manager, Sustainability & Planning, Edmonton International Airport