14.00 - 16.30 Pre-Conference Discovery Workshop 2018, Edmonton: SMART Airports – Resilience, Connectivity & Innovation

Facilitated by Chris LeTourneur
President & Chief Executive Officer
MXD Development Strategists

Reflecting on the success of last year’s “Pre-Conference Discovery Workshop”, this
energy and interaction will continue at the Smart Airports & Regions Conference in Edmonton.

Innovation and technology are quickly changing how we communicate, work, live and
move around. This year’s Workshop will explore “Being Resilient” in adapting to
disruptive change. We welcome you to be part of this interactive Workshop alongside
Colleagues and Professionals to explore how Airports and their Regions are Being
Resilient in response to:

  • Future Airport Terminals and Technology.
  • Next Generation Mobility and Transportation.
  • Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Communications, Social Media and Big Data.
  • Airport Revenue Generation.
  • Food and Bio-Science.
  • E-Commerce and Distribution.
  • The Shared Economy.

Professionals will provide a “Primer Panel Discussion” on these topics, followed by
interactive “Round Table Sessions” where Workshop Participants will engage with one-
another to explore their shared experiences for Being Resilient.

To register for the Workshop, select the Three Day rate at http://smartairports.aero/tickets/smart-airports-regions-2018


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